About Kara Coraci
Kara Coraci, also known as “Crotchie”, is a high energy stand-up comedian, improvisational artist and public speaker. Critics refer to Crotchie as a “Firecracker!” and a “Squirrel on coffee!” In her routines, this little nut addresses social taboos  and everyday hardships from step parenting, alcohol abuse to Facebook mishaps.

Crotchie’s wide range of talents has brought her to stages all over the U.S. including Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Not only is she a performer, Kara has an extensive background in event and television production. She has worked on production teams for popular companies such as The Walt Disney Company, NBC's The Jerry Springer Show, Studio Smithy Inc, Red Frog Events, Nude Hippo and Oakland University Television. Kara has produced hundreds of events from monthly variety shows, comedy shows, art battles, street festivals, 5k races, and charity events. Her passion for the arts, entertainment, and life is quite obvious from the energy she exudes on stage.

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